A real wedding in Abruzzo
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A real wedding in Abruzzo:

In the last article we spoke about a destination wedding in Umbria. In this story we are in Abruzzo.

This real wedding was romantic. Everything overflow with love and romanticism. Now, I’m going to tell you more!

The ceremony:

The most emotional part of this real wedding in Abruzzo was the ceremony. It was celebrated in a national park called Parco della Majella in Abruzzo, an old heritage. 

Parco della Majellla, Abruzzo:

The Maiella (or Majella) National Park is considered a natural oasis featuring various plant species, rare animal species, high peaks and countless itineraries. There are perched villages, small towns, abbeys and hermitages built in isolated locations. In one of these old and evocative hermitage, the couple changed the vows.

The history, the beauty and the elegance of flower decoration made this ceremony up to all moments of this day.

We took time to catch the moments of the golden hour, to take some portraits of the bride and groom. The lights delicately warmed everything. The bride was spontaneous and naturally in a pose like she was a nymph of the park della Majella.

After enjoying beautiful moments with the couple, we reached the reception dinner. 

The atmosphere was relaxing and all the guests had fun with the DJ and danced until late!

I believe that every time, what makes a wedding unique, despite the difficulties and challenges, is the love that is reflected on the faces of the bride and groom.

Parco della Majella, Abruzzo

Ph Chantal KarisaPhotography for Mose studio

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