Capture Life's Beautiful Moments

A photograph can contain emotions because it captures a particular moment in time, evoking memories , feelings and sensations associated with that moment. The emotional impact can be enhanced by the composition of the image, the use of light and shadow, and the subjects depicted, conveying a powerful visual message that resonates with the viewer.

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Capturing Life's Beauty

A photograph freezes a moment, capturing emotions, sensations, and memories that can last forever. It preserves a unique point in time, which can be revisited and relived through the image.

“my team and I are willing to go anywhere to crystallize every moment of your wedding.”

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I introduce myself! ​I’m Chantal Karisa, destination wedding photographer. I love my job as a wedding photographer because, with my photos, I can tell your love stories, the most important day of your life, made with smiles, tears and emotions.​Every moment will be immortalized by my assistant photographers and me so that you can have unforgettable memories.​For my work, I travel to Italy, among the green hills of Umbria, where my hometown is located, in the wonderful Tuscany, up to Abruzzo and the wonderful region of the Marche. The latter is the region where I currently live.​But I don’t stop only in Italy. I travelled to Kenya (the home of my heart) to photograph a destination wedding.​In short, my team and I are willing to go anywhere to crystallize every moment of your wedding.

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A photograph freezes a moment

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